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Desert Forged Wheels takes great pride in designing, engineering, and manufacturing 1, 2 and 3 piece forged aluminum wheels for High Performance, Luxury, SUV and exotic vehicle applications. Desert Forged made in Maimi, FL USA.  Desert Wheels custom built-to-order wheel sets offer a customized choice of offsets, wheel widths, and color configurations, resulting in a uniquely personal style and performance set up for each customer's application. All of the available wheel styles undergo a series of rigorous tests including strength, fatigue, and impact resistance, to ensure that they are of the highest quality before being released to the public. All of the wheel styles consist of lightweight, high strength 6061-T6 forged aluminum, aerospace precise forging, and aircraft grade stainless steel hardware. All-wheel styles are manufactured to each vehicles exact hub centric fitments and precise specifications for the best possible ride quality and maximum wheel width, concave depth and lip sizes. all Desert Forged comes with 5 years warranty in  structural  and 1 year in finishing*